AIR Freight

We offer the highest quality of global air freight services

Obtain credibility with our Air Freight service to every major city all around the world. We are capable of handling the whole process to assure on-time delivery of our customer’s shipments. We offer the highest quality of global air freight services for our customer to compete in the priority markets. Also, we offer a full array of value-added service options from simple shipment processing to oversized cargo delivery including customs clearance. Our Air Freight Forwarding service is central to every requisite of logistics process into a harmonious single solution the customers will appreciate.
Through strategic alliances with airlines, we are able to respond flexibly to the rapidly changing aviation market and provide optimal services tailored to the characteristics of the cargo. We offer logistics services according to the characteristics of the cargo through our team of experts who are expert in aviation expertise, and we provide competitive fares all year round based on the volume. We also provide comprehensive agency services, including packaging, shipping, and customs clearance, to our final destination through our extensive international network.

Differentiated The One Logis AIR services

International AIR services

Best Air service available to every city all around the world through our extensive international network

Best Air Transport Comprehensive Agent Service

Air services required for all processes, including packing, shipping and customs of the goods up to the final destination

Fast and accurate transportation service

Providing fast and accurate transportation services according to customer requested time

Air freight tracking service

TRACKING service to check the position of air cargo in real time


Through strategic alliances with global airlines, we will provide you with the best flight service that meets the characteristics of your cargo with competitive fares

  • Air import and export services (packaging, shipping, tracking of shipments)
  • Customs clearance and paperwork
  • Freight console and console release
  • Oversized cargo security and handling
  • Local direct delivery (airport ~ recipient)
  • Air Drayage Service
  • Terminal - Destination Confirmation Service
  • Simultaneous loading and unloading operations
  • Handling hazardous and restricted items