Moving Service

We provide moving services in various areas such as apartments, detached houses, townhouses, high-rise buildings, dormitories and condominiums

All moving services will be handled by our high educated moving team. Before the commencement of the moving, our moving manager will give you a reasonable quote after a visit. All furniture and supplies are packaged in a solid and secure way to ensure that the goods or house are not damaged after the moving. Our moving teams are very knowledgeable about the area because they live in that area, which is very beneficial for local moving services. Based on years of experience, our director team will be able to provide you with the best service by packing and packing your valuable assets, from pick-up to delivery, and by skilled packing. We have a mission to satisfy customer's expectations and provide moving service to meet all customer’s needs, so that customers feel the best satisfaction

Differentiated The One Logis Moving Services

Consultant Visiting Quote Service

All moving services are handled by a consultant specializing in moving company

Reasonably priced moving services regardless of location

Moving from apartment to single-family house, dormitory condo, etc. at reasonable prices

Full-packing director

Professional staff based on years of moving experience provide the best service for packing, picking up and delivering all goods


We will provide the best moving service at a reasonable price through professional consultant visiting quote

  • Regional / International Moving Service
  • Visiting Consulting Consultant
  • Reasonable price quote
  • Full Packing Service (packing, pickup, delivery)
  • Operate a professional director