HR System


The One Logis helps employees to design their careers
and develop their expertise to grow into the next generation of global leaders and logistics professionals.

Required Ability

Basic Ability Reliability and Sustainability / Sincere Sincerity / Trustworthy Service for All / Safety and Quality / Team Cooperation / Innovative Development
Global Leadership Ability Raising acceptance of global culture and expanding overseas work experience / Providing step-by-step training courses for future leaders / Providing specialized training based on long-term growth vision
Professional Ability Provide structured job training to nurture professional manpower / Enhance service mindset to meet customer needs

HR Education

The One Logis helps our employees achieve the highest level of global competency.

Developing logistics experts

It enhances professionalism through systematic education from basic knowledge of logistics such as aviation, shipping, and local transportation to deepening.

  • Establish personalized education plan Acquire basic knowledge about basic basic education and logistics by job
  • Practical training for improving the ability to handle work in the field and in practice Enhance negotiation and communication skills with local customers in the US
  • Strengthening logistics expertise through continuous interview with a boss

Strengthening global capabilities and training logistics businessmen

We will strengthen our global capabilities through local logistics experience in the US and help you become a logistics businessman based on this experience.

  • Creation of job outcomes Creation of knowledge after establishing necessary knowledge in job outcomes
  • Business base training: Management training through executive coaching / mentoring, financial management ;Basic skills training for businessmen
  • Actual business project progress: Developing the spirit of entrepreneurship through actual business related to local logistics in the US